Renaissance Piscines

Construction. Renovation. Equipment.

Twenty years of excellence swimming pools
in Pornic (44, France).

Who are we ?

Skilled workers

Swimming pool builders for twenty years, Renaissance Piscines is a reference in technical sophistication and reliability.
Acknowledged by professionals and private clients as specialists in armed PVC membrane, we work in Pornic (44) and its region with an absolute score of satisfaction.

Calling upon Renaissance Piscines for your pool, your liner, PVC membrane or your pool equipment is the assurance of obtaining an exclusive and valuable craftsmanship.

A network of craftsmen

In Pornic, our professional partners are of all trades:
Masons, Excavation workers, Architects, Draughtsmen…

What about them ? They all specialize in Swimming Pools.

Renaissance Piscines has been working with these collaborators for more than a decade to offer you a flawless realisation of your work ensuring consistency, expertise and great advice.


Twenty years of future-proof traditional pools.


From A to Z

Renaissance steps in all stages of the construction of your pool. From measures to ensure compliance, to design and earthmoving as well as construction of your concrete pool, armed PVC membrane soldering or liner installation, we are competent at every stage of your construction.

Traditional building

Your professional pool builder offers a traditional concrete pool construction method, deemed to be the most reliable and durable.

Benefits of concrete building

In addition to its reliability and durability, a concrete pool is easy to renovate and offers multiple possibilities, allowing original design.

Do you install fiberglass pools ?

Renaissance Piscines made a choice not to install fiberglass pools.

Please contact us for any project concerning :

Outdoor pools

Sheltered pools

Indoor pools

Ask us about a construction project ?


The renovation of swimming pools is at the heart of the Renaissance Piscines project since the very beginning.

Renovation specialists

All the way to the name of the company, renovation is at the heart of the Renaissance project.

Our expertise in this area allowed us to renovate pools for professional and private clients, hotels and campsites all around the Nantes and Pornic regions, with an unmatched satisfaction to see pools coming back to life.

Changing your PVC or liner membrane

Reinventing your pool space

Upgrading your equipments

Automating your water treatment

Giving you back the love of your pool

This is our craft.

Trust Renaissance Piscines to give your pool a new lease of life.

How does a renovation go ?

Let us illustrate.

Réalisation d'une rénovation de piscines par Renaissance Piscines Pornic (44, France)

Post with 1 views. Shared by RenaissancePiscines. Réalisation d'une rénovation de piscines par Renaissance Piscines Pornic (44, France)

Contact us about a renovation ?


Gain serenity and bathing comfort with bleeding edge equipment.

Water treatment

Your pool chemistry is a delicate business ; it needs the unmatched expertise we offer.


In addition to conventional chlorine or active oxygen treatments, Renaissance offers state-of-the-art salt electrolysis and ultra-violet equipment.
Enjoy crystal clear and pleasant water using our knowledge of water disinfection equipment.

Automatic treatment

Tired of monitoring the quality of your water? Renaissance offers a wide range of automatic treatments equipped with high technology probes.

Stabilisation of the pH, chlorine levels and many other parameters are automatically managed by our equipments, offering you an incomparable serenity when it comes to the maintenance of your swimming pool.

Bathing comfort

Do not let the weather decide on your water activities.

Swimming pool heat pump

Your pool builder offers hot water throughout the season, at the temperature you want. A heat pump is the essential equipment to enjoy your pool early in the year until the last sunny days of fall.

Pool cover

If you want to enjoy your pool even longer, Renaissance can offer you a wide range of solutions to cover your pool and protect your swimming sessions from bad weather and cold.


To let the family enjoy the pool with peace of mind, your poolmaker is committed to providing the best safety equipments.

Pool shutter

Let's stop with dangerous tarpaulins. Renaissance offers a wide range of roller shutters that comply with modern safety standards, whether external or submerged, whether manual or remote controlled, everything is possible.

Children safety

We offer many additional safety equipment : alarms and other child safety equipment offer you all the more peace of mind and safety for your family.

Other equipement

Pool cleaners

Robots are among us. And they clean your pool.

Simple floor cleaners or robots able to climb walls, contact us to know the extent of the possibilities that these robots offer you.

Exclusive equipment

Renaissance works only with professional suppliers and offers you guaranteed equipment, at the cutting edge of technology and tested under stricts conditions. Trust your pool professional.